Valentine Fancies

Due to the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, it’s become one of my favorite holidays over the years. Greeting cards, heart motifs, the color pink, candy, and other sweets all come together on this festive day, so naturally I can’t get enough. In honor of this beloved occasion, here are a few last-minute fancies to browse for a special someone (or yourself!).


The maroon color, velvet material, and sweetheart cut of this Kimchi Blue dress make it perfect for Valentine’s Day. Can be dressed up or down, depending on shoes and jewelry. Velvet is extremely trendy this winter, but I predict that its window for popularity is very narrow, so wear it while you can!


Is there anything better than cute, cozy socks in the winter? I am loving this J. Crew pair, with its reindeer print and wool blend. Fun and functional!


You can expect to see more Urban Outfitters on this blog because I recently moved near one and they always seem to have great dresses on sale, including this Kimchi Blue number. Semi-sheer with a slip lining and adjustable cutout back. The ruffle-trim sleeves and floral pattern also make this a nice option for V-Day.


Candles make excellent gifts for any occasion, especially when they’re made by Henri Bendel, the ultimate gift shop. Burns evenly, and the “Cashmere” fragrance has a hint of sweetness without overpowering the senses.


Nothing says “I love you” like a gift that’ll help smash the patriarchy. Every woman and man should read this essay, We Should All Be Feminists, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, based on her famous Tedx Talk of the same name. It impeccably defines and illustrates feminism and gender issues in a way that is approachable, relatable, humorous, realistic, thought-provoking, and with brilliant prose. Only takes 30 minutes to read, but the impact is lasting. My copy has been on constant loan since I finished it.

Friday Fancies


The Silence + Noise dress I wore on New Year’s Eve reminds me of “the little black dress”, but pink. It’s the same idea in shape and simplicity, but the color and glossiness make it stand out among a sea of LBDs at parties, bars, etc. Easy to dress up or down. Unfortunately, this is the best photo I have of the dress, and it’s currently stained from champagne.img_2555This probably needs no explanation. I collected pins throughout most of my childhood, so I was especially thrilled to see them make a comeback in the mainstream this past year. For a quick way to brighten up an outfit or for a great conversation starter, just stick one of these onto a shirt, lapel, or purse.

I received this Yu-Be body lotion, which has been making its way around the blogosphere, from a dear friend for my birthday, and it’s precisely what the doctor ordered to maintain smooth skin during the winter. Part medicinal, part luxurious. The lotion, which is medicated, smells a little like Vick’s VapoRub at first, but the scent goes away after a few minutes.


I got the best Secret Santa gift last month! This wooden Diamond Head ukulele has a surprisingly bright sound and warm tone for its price. It’s certainly not a toy instrument, and it’s perfect for beginners. I would recommend changing the strings, though, as those that arrive with the uke tend to go out of tune quickly. If you’ve never played an instrument before and are interested in learning, I think the ukulele is one of the easiest. Memorizing only a few chords allows you to play tons of songs.
img_2643I subscribed to Book of the Month on Black Friday weekend, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Basically, each month you pick from five carefully chosen books to have one shipped to you. The choices are always brand new and often exclusively available before the official release. You also have the option of adding previous months’ choices to your box for a major discount. All of the books I’ve seen on the site seem to be quality choices, and I noticed that every “buzz-worthy” book of the past year was made available at some point.

Friday Fancies

fullsizerenderI’m a big fan of Lush dresses for going out because their fit is flattering, and they are always my favorite length–mini. This Leah shift not only has a fun cutout in the back, but the ribbed material kind of folds over it, creating the illusion of curtains falling towards the hemline. Currently on sale.

img_9490You might have heard about these foot peels, which were even the topic of a featured Snapchat story! Basically, you soak your feet in this liquid for an hour, and then a week later, the entire outer layer of skin painlessly sheds off like a snakeskin, revealing what looks like brand new, soft feet. You can Google photos for proof of how well it works. It even removes thick calluses. A few brands have become popular for this product, but the Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid is less expensive and gets the job done.

img_2629As I mentioned in my holiday gift guide, Abercrombie & Fitch has some great sweaters this season, including this asymmetrical turtleneck. Not pictured is a slit up the longer side from the hemline to the point matching the hemline of the shorter side. The material is synthetic, which is preferable to wool whenever I’m wearing a super thick coat or would otherwise be too warm. Majorly on sale, but act fast because many colors and sizes have already sold out.

img_9520Unsurprisingly, I lost my primary earphones again–the exact pair I posted about here, in fact. To replace them, I decided to finally try a Bluetooth pair, now that there are many inexpensive models available (which is key because I always break or lose them). After doing some fairly intense research, I decided to try SoundPeats QY7 Bluetooth wireless earphones. Their sound is clear and has a nice range, including decent bass, and the noise-canceling feature is an added bonus. Also, the ear hooks work perfectly when I’m running.

fullsizerenderYet another skincare product from my mother, this Victoria Lanolin-Agg-Tval egg white soap is a Swedish face wash and mask that naturally exfoliates and leaves skin feeling soft and looking tightened. It lathers well and contains rosewater for a very light scent. A pack of six comes in an adorable box.

Friday Fancies

One of my favorite trends in jewelry is tiny, practically minuscule initials. As a detail-oriented person, I’m usually drawn to subtle pieces that are endearing when finally noticed, and this BaubleBar Mini Letter Disc Pendant fits the bill perfectly. It’s currently on sale for a limited time.
The Marc Jacobs Fineliner came highly recommended by a friend when we were shopping together and stopped at Sephora specifically for it. I wear makeup about once a month, partly because I prefer a natural look and partly because of how much time it takes to apply. This gel crayon eyeliner has the best staying power without smudging or resulting in the very obvious, dramatic look of liquid and is wonderful in saving time. The Berry Violet color is surprisingly elegant and hardly noticeable.

Korean beauty products have been receiving a lot of attention lately, including these Dermal snail collagen masks, which contain key ingredients from snail mucus! As the weather has become increasingly dry, I’ve been using these masks to transform dry, dull, or dehydrated skin into a visibly bright, soft, and glowing amazement in 15 minutes. It works so well, it feels like cheating!

Ever since a friend let me borrow one of these L. Erickson Grab & Go ponytail holders from her Birchbox, I haven’t looked back. Because my hair is so abundant and heavy, the only ponytail holders that could previously keep my hair up without eventually falling were Scünci No Slip Grip hair elastics, which are literally just a piece of silicone. Not only do these L. Erickson hair ties look cute enough to wear on my wrist when not in use, but they also won’t budge in my hair, even during a run!

I didn’t think it could be done, but somehow my favorite candy made itself even more delicious! Hi-Chew Bites are the original Japanese soft chews, but wrapped in a hard candy coating. The result is like a sweeter Mentos. Needless to say, these bags didn’t last long.

Friday Fancies

fullsizerender-5This light and flowing Lush dress is perfect for the transition from summer to fall. The back features a fun cutout, and though I don’t usually go for the Boho look, I am simply obsessed with the Stevie-Nicks-esque sleeves. I have the “plum” color, and Nordstrom also carries cute patterns. This shift dress is pretty loose, but also very short, so I might recommend sizing up.
fullsizerender-6I bought this White Girl Rosé for a friend as part of a housewarming gift, and we both had a good laugh over it. I’ve been following White Girl Problems since “she” started a hilarious, satirical Twitter account six years ago, followed by a blog (which sadly now redirects to the White Girl Wine website), books, and now a wine collaboration with The Fat Jew (who is less funny and steals content, but hey, what do I know about wine or social media?).img_9476My favorite trend this year (and possibly ever) is the bralette. This Out From Under halter bralette is especially comfy, pretty, and, most importantly, not a bra! Urban Outfitters, Free People, and even Victoria’s Secret all have a ton of good options.10649495_1174507119234728_5162715999526313942_nThis will come as a shock to no one, but I finally joined the Candy Club! It is a monthly subscription to aesthetically delightful candies, which can be chosen by the customer or a curator. They come in adorable containers, which themselves arrive in a colorful box with extra candy to sample. I accidentally ate all of mine before I remembered to take a picture…
img_9005When I first started this blog, I never wore nail polish. By the time I began a Friday Fancies hiatus, I painted my nails regularly, but had still never gone to a salon for a manicure. Now I am hardly ever without professionally applied gel polish on my nails. It’s a slippery slope, people! Anyway, going into the salon last week, I knew I wanted red. Though I generally opt for a darker, deeper shade, I’d been seeing OPI Big Apple Red pop up on multiple blogs, so I decided to try the gel version… And I couldn’t be happier! This shiny, bright color truly is the perfect shade of red. People comment on it all the time, and I’m constantly reminded of cherries, candy, and pretty much all that is fun.