Cyber Week 2018

In case you need some ideas holidays gifts or for things you don’t need but want to buy for yourself anyway during this glorious week of ultimate capitalism, made even more convenient by technology (our future is grim, people)… Here are some fun things I’ve purchased since Black Friday:

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 11.01.09 PM.png

Love the knot detail and unusual material of this Madewell crepe wrap top. The entire site is 25% off until midnight.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.38.37 PM.png

This J.Crew ruffle-neck top would be festive for work or the theater. Over the past decade, J.Crew has practically monopolized plaid clothing, and I am here for it. Also got this tartan hair tie and stocked up on items for next summer. The entire site is 50% off (extra 60% off sale items) until midnight.


Really into the slightly retro look of this Abercrombie essential turtleneck. They’ve been killing it in the affordable sweater game for the past couple years. The entire site is currently 50% off.


These Jack Rogers Hamptons metallic sandals are 60% off, which is the lowest I’ve ever seen them. Whenever I leave the house, there is a 75% chance that I’m wearing Jacks. I’ve even been known to wear them while snow is on the ground. I recently had to throw out several pairs that were worn out, so I was thrilled to find these! Nordstrom’s sale ends tonight.


This Kate Spade long sleeve PJ set is similar to the one I snagged during their “surprise” sale (yes, they had a surprise sale at the same time as their Cyber Week sale…), which ended Friday night. Pajamas are a good investment for me because I pretty much live in them whenever I’m home for more than ten minutes. (I’ll likely buy more, as J.Crew also has cute pairs.) Kate Spade’s entire site is 30% off (40% off sale items) until tomorrow night. Great time to stock up on small gifts to give throughout the year.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.33.07 AM.png

I’ve been looking for plain, solid gold (but inexpensive) earrings for everyday wear, and these AUrate gold ball studs fit the bill. I don’t yet own any jewelry from this store, but my sister highly recommended it for good quality, simple pieces.


Glossier’s only sale each year is on Black Friday through Cyber Monday, during which their entire site is 20% off. I generally like their makeup products, so thought I’d take this opportunity to try their skincare line, starting with the Phase 1 Set. This starter kit includes their Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, and Balm Dotcom. Mostly I’m just a slave to Glossier’s marketing.


The newest edition of the Amazon Echo Dot, which is aesthetically more pleasing than previous generations and reportedly boasts a louder, better-quality sound, is currently over 50% off.


I’ve never used anything like this Revlon one-step hair dryer and styler, but at 60% off on Amazon, it’s worth a try. Anything to cut down the time it takes to get ready in the morning, so I can get even more precious minutes of sleep without rolling into work with wet hair! The Amazon deal is over, but may return later today. Or you can purchase this from Ulta.


The infamous Catan, which I played for the first time on Thanksgiving and am so glad I did, was 40% off on Amazon, but that deal has ended. However, it is currently on sale at Walmart for about the same price, along with another popular board game, Ticket to Ride.

And finally, if you aren’t using Ebates for all of your online shopping, trust me–you are missing out. It’s literally free money for doing absolutely nothing. There’s no catch! Use my link to start yourself off with $10 in cash. Most of the sites mentioned above are currently running major Ebates deals!

Happy shopping (or practicing of more self control than I have), friends!

Friday Fancies


The Silence + Noise dress I wore on New Year’s Eve reminds me of “the little black dress”, but pink. It’s the same idea in shape and simplicity, but the color and glossiness make it stand out among a sea of LBDs at parties, bars, etc. Easy to dress up or down. Unfortunately, this is the best photo I have of the dress, and it’s currently stained from champagne.img_2555This probably needs no explanation. I collected pins throughout most of my childhood, so I was especially thrilled to see them make a comeback in the mainstream this past year. For a quick way to brighten up an outfit or for a great conversation starter, just stick one of these onto a shirt, lapel, or purse.

I received this Yu-Be body lotion, which has been making its way around the blogosphere, from a dear friend for my birthday, and it’s precisely what the doctor ordered to maintain smooth skin during the winter. Part medicinal, part luxurious. The lotion, which is medicated, smells a little like Vick’s VapoRub at first, but the scent goes away after a few minutes.


I got the best Secret Santa gift last month! This wooden Diamond Head ukulele has a surprisingly bright sound and warm tone for its price. It’s certainly not a toy instrument, and it’s perfect for beginners. I would recommend changing the strings, though, as those that arrive with the uke tend to go out of tune quickly. If you’ve never played an instrument before and are interested in learning, I think the ukulele is one of the easiest. Memorizing only a few chords allows you to play tons of songs.
img_2643I subscribed to Book of the Month on Black Friday weekend, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Basically, each month you pick from five carefully chosen books to have one shipped to you. The choices are always brand new and often exclusively available before the official release. You also have the option of adding previous months’ choices to your box for a major discount. All of the books I’ve seen on the site seem to be quality choices, and I noticed that every “buzz-worthy” book of the past year was made available at some point.