Friday Fancies

fullsizerender-5This light and flowing Lush dress is perfect for the transition from summer to fall. The back features a fun cutout, and though I don’t usually go for the Boho look, I am simply obsessed with the Stevie-Nicks-esque sleeves. I have the “plum” color, and Nordstrom also carries cute patterns. This shift dress is pretty loose, but also very short, so I might recommend sizing up.
fullsizerender-6I bought this White Girl Rosé for a friend as part of a housewarming gift, and we both had a good laugh over it. I’ve been following White Girl Problems since “she” started a hilarious, satirical Twitter account six years ago, followed by a blog (which sadly now redirects to the White Girl Wine website), books, and now a wine collaboration with The Fat Jew (who is less funny and steals content, but hey, what do I know about wine or social media?).img_9476My favorite trend this year (and possibly ever) is the bralette. This Out From Under halter bralette is especially comfy, pretty, and, most importantly, not a bra! Urban Outfitters, Free People, and even Victoria’s Secret all have a ton of good options.10649495_1174507119234728_5162715999526313942_nThis will come as a shock to no one, but I finally joined the Candy Club! It is a monthly subscription to aesthetically delightful candies, which can be chosen by the customer or a curator. They come in adorable containers, which themselves arrive in a colorful box with extra candy to sample. I accidentally ate all of mine before I remembered to take a picture…
img_9005When I first started this blog, I never wore nail polish. By the time I began a Friday Fancies hiatus, I painted my nails regularly, but had still never gone to a salon for a manicure. Now I am hardly ever without professionally applied gel polish on my nails. It’s a slippery slope, people! Anyway, going into the salon last week, I knew I wanted red. Though I generally opt for a darker, deeper shade, I’d been seeing OPI Big Apple Red pop up on multiple blogs, so I decided to try the gel version… And I couldn’t be happier! This shiny, bright color truly is the perfect shade of red. People comment on it all the time, and I’m constantly reminded of cherries, candy, and pretty much all that is fun.

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