Friday Fancies

fullsizerenderI’m a big fan of Lush dresses for going out because their fit is flattering, and they are always my favorite length–mini. This Leah shift not only has a fun cutout in the back, but the ribbed material kind of folds over it, creating the illusion of curtains falling towards the hemline. Currently on sale.

img_9490You might have heard about these foot peels, which were even the topic of a featured Snapchat story! Basically, you soak your feet in this liquid for an hour, and then a week later, the entire outer layer of skin painlessly sheds off like a snakeskin, revealing what looks like brand new, soft feet. You can Google photos for proof of how well it works. It even removes thick calluses. A few brands have become popular for this product, but the Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid is less expensive and gets the job done.

img_2629As I mentioned in my holiday gift guide, Abercrombie & Fitch has some great sweaters this season, including this asymmetrical turtleneck. Not pictured is a slit up the longer side from the hemline to the point matching the hemline of the shorter side. The material is synthetic, which is preferable to wool whenever I’m wearing a super thick coat or would otherwise be too warm. Majorly on sale, but act fast because many colors and sizes have already sold out.

img_9520Unsurprisingly, I lost my primary earphones again–the exact pair I posted about here, in fact. To replace them, I decided to finally try a Bluetooth pair, now that there are many inexpensive models available (which is key because I always break or lose them). After doing some fairly intense research, I decided to try SoundPeats QY7 Bluetooth wireless earphones. Their sound is clear and has a nice range, including decent bass, and the noise-canceling feature is an added bonus. Also, the ear hooks work perfectly when I’m running.

fullsizerenderYet another skincare product from my mother, this Victoria Lanolin-Agg-Tval egg white soap is a Swedish face wash and mask that naturally exfoliates and leaves skin feeling soft and looking tightened. It lathers well and contains rosewater for a very light scent. A pack of six comes in an adorable box.

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