Friday Fancies


The Silence + Noise dress I wore on New Year’s Eve reminds me of “the little black dress”, but pink. It’s the same idea in shape and simplicity, but the color and glossiness make it stand out among a sea of LBDs at parties, bars, etc. Easy to dress up or down. Unfortunately, this is the best photo I have of the dress, and it’s currently stained from champagne.img_2555This probably needs no explanation. I collected pins throughout most of my childhood, so I was especially thrilled to see them make a comeback in the mainstream this past year. For a quick way to brighten up an outfit or for a great conversation starter, just stick one of these onto a shirt, lapel, or purse.

I received this Yu-Be body lotion, which has been making its way around the blogosphere, from a dear friend for my birthday, and it’s precisely what the doctor ordered to maintain smooth skin during the winter. Part medicinal, part luxurious. The lotion, which is medicated, smells a little like Vick’s VapoRub at first, but the scent goes away after a few minutes.


I got the best Secret Santa gift last month! This wooden Diamond Head ukulele has a surprisingly bright sound and warm tone for its price. It’s certainly not a toy instrument, and it’s perfect for beginners. I would recommend changing the strings, though, as those that arrive with the uke tend to go out of tune quickly. If you’ve never played an instrument before and are interested in learning, I think the ukulele is one of the easiest. Memorizing only a few chords allows you to play tons of songs.
img_2643I subscribed to Book of the Month on Black Friday weekend, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Basically, each month you pick from five carefully chosen books to have one shipped to you. The choices are always brand new and often exclusively available before the official release. You also have the option of adding previous months’ choices to your box for a major discount. All of the books I’ve seen on the site seem to be quality choices, and I noticed that every “buzz-worthy” book of the past year was made available at some point.

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