Friday Fancies

One of my favorite trends in jewelry is tiny, practically minuscule initials. As a detail-oriented person, I’m usually drawn to subtle pieces that are endearing when finally noticed, and this BaubleBar Mini Letter Disc Pendant fits the bill perfectly. It’s currently on sale for a limited time.
The Marc Jacobs Fineliner came highly recommended by a friend when we were shopping together and stopped at Sephora specifically for it. I wear makeup about once a month, partly because I prefer a natural look and partly because of how much time it takes to apply. This gel crayon eyeliner has the best staying power without smudging or resulting in the very obvious, dramatic look of liquid and is wonderful in saving time. The Berry Violet color is surprisingly elegant and hardly noticeable.

Korean beauty products have been receiving a lot of attention lately, including these Dermal snail collagen masks, which contain key ingredients from snail mucus! As the weather has become increasingly dry, I’ve been using these masks to transform dry, dull, or dehydrated skin into a visibly bright, soft, and glowing amazement in 15 minutes. It works so well, it feels like cheating!

Ever since a friend let me borrow one of these L. Erickson Grab & Go ponytail holders from her Birchbox, I haven’t looked back. Because my hair is so abundant and heavy, the only ponytail holders that could previously keep my hair up without eventually falling were Scünci No Slip Grip hair elastics, which are literally just a piece of silicone. Not only do these L. Erickson hair ties look cute enough to wear on my wrist when not in use, but they also won’t budge in my hair, even during a run!

I didn’t think it could be done, but somehow my favorite candy made itself even more delicious! Hi-Chew Bites are the original Japanese soft chews, but wrapped in a hard candy coating. The result is like a sweeter Mentos. Needless to say, these bags didn’t last long.

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