Friday Fancies

My obsession with Yes To Carrots continues, as I work my way through my Cyber Monday hoard. I still use and love the Yes To goodies I reviewed last month. And the following are a few more paraben-free, natural products that I’ve since added to my daily skincare routine.IMG_1093

Gone are the days when I had nine bottles of Bath & Body Works lotions at any given time, but ended up throwing them out, unused, each year. I must’ve subconsciously known that any substance that was hot pink or neon green and had a pungent, borderline toxic scent couldn’t be good for my skin. Today, I have a single bottle of Yes To Carrots Daily Moisture Body Lotion, but I might need to order another soon because I actually want to use this every day. Even though it’s cold out, I still wear shorts to the gym and sometimes while running outside, so this lotion has been keeping my arms and legs from becoming dry or scaly. It’s 99% natural, smells lightly of baby powder, and is currently on sale!IMG_1087

I’ve been using the Yes To Tomatoes Acne Control Gel Cleanser as a preventative measure during this unpredictable weather. It contains natural ingredients with the added touch of salicylic acid. I’ve been alternating between this sweet-smelling cleanser and an exfoliator with my Clarisonic and have had no problems with my skin, despite the fluctuating dry and humid periods I’ve been experiencing here.IMG_0875

Kind of a funny story: During my first semester of teaching in Georgia, I’d used up all of the lip balm I’d brought, so I asked my mom to bring me some Burt’s Bees when we met in Europe for winter break. She bought four boxes, but while she was packing, they all got stuck in a sofa, and she forgot about them. So in Lisbon, we stopped at a Sephora to look for a decent lip balm, and that’s where I discovered Yes To Carrots for the first time, when the melon Lip Butter became my new go-to. Unfortunately, almost as soon as I returned to Georgia, my workout bag was stolen from me. The thief kindly left a few things (apparently he or she wasn’t interested in my bright pink Victoria’s Secret sweatpants), but kept the Lip Butter, which clearly show how awesome it is! I’ve since tried and become a huge fan of Yes To’s other lip products. The sweet fig Lip Butter has SPF 15, goes on smoothly, and is perfect for everyday wear. The oval shape of the grapefruit Naturally Smooth Lip Balm (on sale!) makes it easy to apply, and it’s long-lasting, for those who suffer from constantly chapped lips. The Color Balm in Rosy Bloom (also on sale!) feels hydrating and leaves the slightest tint of color. Admittedly, these aren’t quite as satisfying as my beloved Fresh Sugar, but they’re effective and certainly friendlier to my wallet.IMG_1102

To keep my skin radiant during the winter season, I’ve been using this Yes To Grapefruit Exfoliating Body Wash almost daily. Tiny pieces of pumice slough off dead skin cells, and vitamin C and citric acid naturally renew them. An absolute must if you’re like me and love the smell of grapefruits.IMG_1099

These award-winning Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes might look unassuming, but they’re actually pretty amazing. My mom likes them, and she’s hard to impress! A single 98%-natural towelette removed all of the makeup on my face, including mascara. It’s even recommended that you not rinse your face afterward, as the cucumber, aloe, and green tea extracts rejuvenate the skin. I was concerned that without rinsing, makeup would still be left on my face. But when I tried using a second towelette after the first, I found that there was nothing left to be wiped or rinsed! These are reasonably priced and have a ton of different uses, such as post-workout, washing your hands, post-plane ride, etc. The original package I ordered was punctured, most likely by another product in the box, leaving the towelettes somewhat dried out. I simply called the company, and they happily shipped out a new package, which I received three days later. Yes To, along with being a fantastic brand, truly has the best customer service!