Friday Fancies


Did you know that Panera recently added cupcakes to its menu? I already go there at least once a week, but this changes everything. So far, I’ve only tried the red velvet. (Vanilla and chocolate are also available.) Was it the best cupcake I ever had? No. Was it the best cupcake I ever had for 99 cents (with a meal)? Definitely. Plus, it was a nice change from my usual flower (now jack-o-lantern) cookie. (Warning: Do not look up the nutrition information for any of Panera’s bakery items. It will make you cry.)


Living in a sorority house, I was introduced to the Clarisonic a long time ago, but I never really bought into the craze. I’ve always had fairly clear, even skin, so I didn’t think a Clarisonic could make any significant improvements. However, living in a Georgian village (where I walked to and from my school on dusty paths and frequently found it too cold at night to walk outside to use the sink) did not do my skin any favors. So after seeing a ton of rave reviews, I decided to give the Clarisonic a try. I got the Mia 2 model over a month ago, and I’m already extremely impressed. Using the brush feels like getting a mini facial and leaves my face much softer. The fact that it motivates me to actually wash my face every day is an accomplishment in itself. If you’ve been on the fence about trying a Clarisonic, go for it!


Similar to my Clarisonic story, even though everyone seems to wear the Tory Burch Reva ballet flats these days, I’ve had a skeptical attitude towards them. I mean, really, how are they different from any other flats? Well, I can tell you because yesterday, I tried them on for the first time. They’re actually a gift for my sister’s birthday next week (don’t worry, she already knows about it!), but I thought I’d test them out for her, just to see what all the fuss was about. To say that they fit like a glove would be an understatement. Not only do they look perfectly shaped, but I’ve never worn more comfortable flats in my life. Now I need to get my own pair ASAP.


And the obsession with Halloween candy continues… Halloween is fantastic for many reasons–costumes, decorations, parties–, but absolutely nothing beats the candy! Normally, I’m not a huge fan of apple-flavored candy. But combine it with caramel, and it’s a whole different story. I’m not familiar with Melster Candies’ other treats, but their caramel apply taffy does not disappoint.


I’ve recently discovered Songza, and I really can’t say how I’ve been able to live my life without it. Pandora, Spotify, Grooveshark, and other music streaming services have got nothing on Songza and its “music concierge.” The fact that each song is handpicked by “music experts,” which are actual people, rather than algorithms, is what truly makes Songza’s playlists stand above the rest. My personal favorites? “Music from Wes Anderson Movies,” “’60s French Pop,” “At the Farmer’s Market,” “Cooking with Walter White,” and the playlists for each of the Girls characters (minus Shosh). Yes, Songza has created a playlist for literally every imaginable situation, so start listening on the website or the free app.

3 thoughts on “Friday Fancies

  1. What?! Panera has cupcakes now? Please mail me one or better yet a Sprinkles cupcake. My friend from College is a salesperson for Clarisonic and she swears it’s the best thing ever. I might have to jump in on this bandwagon too….Living overseas definitely messes up your skin! YOU need to buy the Tory flats! They are amazing plus might as well get the other colors! Even the 5 year old girls at my school have them! 🙂

    Cheers To School

    • Act like I live near a Sprinkles… (I wish!) I think the water also has an effect on skin. It really is different everywhere. And those Asian kiddies WOULD wear Tory Burch! I’ll bet they’re adorable though.

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