Friday Fancies


After giving this J. Crew merino V-neck sweater to my sister for her birthday, I think I’m going to have to order one for myself. The wool is delightfully soft, and it’s currently available in a wide variety of fall colors. Of course, a monogram adds that extra special touch.


Of all the great options this year for getting your pumpkin fix, I’d say my favorite is The Cheesecake Factory’s pumpkin cheesecake. It’s not even fair. Nothing stands a chance against cheesecake.


I’m not a big makeup person. Though I’m a fan of “natural beauty,” I mostly just hate spending more time than necessary to get ready each morning. Usually, I’ll buy a makeup product because it was recommended or looked fun, use it once, never touch it again, then finally throw it out a few years past its expiration date. So the fact that Fresh Sugar is the only product I’ve ever completely finished should tell you how amazing it is. Imagine licking your lips and then having them remain that dewey (not sticky or waxy!) for hours. This stuff of miracles revives even the driest lips, while protecting them from sun damage and giving them a natural shine. It’s available in a bunch of colors, but Rosé (a subtle tint) is the way to go.


The greatest M&M’s (yes, better than coconut, pretzel, and mint) to ever grace the earth, this White Chocolate Candy Corn edition will be responsible for my imminent diabetes. A festive candy shell encloses the white chocolate (the only chocolate that matters, even though it’s not real chocolate) core. Basically, these little guys are nothing but sugar, milk, butter, and an unnoticeable trace of candy corn flavoring… Perfection! I may or may not return to Walgreen’s post-Halloween to clear out the shelves of my new favorite candy.pocket-mastheadFor all those times when a Facebook friend posts an article with an interesting title, but you don’t have time to read it at the moment because you’re actually supposed to be doing something else… There’s Pocket! Formally known as Read It Later, Pocket stores all of the articles, videos, etc. that are found past your procrastination limit. Its interface is neat and simple, and the app is available on most popular devices, so you’ll always have your collection handy for when you finally get a free moment.

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