Friday Fancies


What is it about Anthropologie that always convinces me to make the most random, unnecessary, yet clearly very necessary purchases? All I know is that I could no longer dream of opening a bottle without this brass Scottie Dog Bottle Opener. It’s sold out online, but this Pelagic Bar Utensil is equally alluring.


Shamrock Shakes are back! This minty treat is even tastier I missed out on them last year. (Georgia has several McDonald’s locations, but only the basic menu.)


My thoughtful dad brought me this precious bracelet from his trip to Korea last month. The crystals are small enough that this bracelet can be stacked with other wrist pieces, but the detailed trimming allows it to stand out on its own, as well.

I received the sweetest (literally!) gift from a dear friend and her mother the other day. I’m not sure how many readers live in California, but if you’re ever in that area and in need of the cutest, most delicious, custom-made cookies, be sure to contact them at Sugar Spice & Everything Iced. Or just like their Facebook page, if you love seeing photos of adorable cookie creations pop up on your news feed!IMG_1230

Waterlogue is hands down my new favorite iPhone app. It converts ordinary pictures into watercolor paintings, transforming even the worst photos into aesthetically pleasing works of art. There are even different filters available for all of your Instagram needs. Performs particularly well with pictures of stationary objects and dogs. (Yes, that is Boo in the upper left masterpiece!)

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