Friday Fancies

IMG_1066Featuring candles on a blog feels a little silly, but some are undoubtedly worthier than others. Anthropologie’s often underrated candle selection makes the cut, in my book, and this cinnamon bark soy candle tin doesn’t disappoint. I haven’t even lit it yet, despite buying it last month, because the heavenly scent is already strong enough unlit to fill my desk area with fir, cinnamon, and coconut goodness. It’s now sold out online, but may still be available in stores.IMG_1118

I’m hardly an expert on nail polish, but one particular brand has impressed me for years. Even before I started painting my nails, whenever I noticed a friend’s nail color enough to ask her where it was from, it was always Essie. The company clearly puts a ton of effort into creating extraordinary colors that are complex, not stagnant. My beloved After School Boy Blazer perfectly demonstrates this quality in the way its navy blue color is on the verge of being black, but never quite crosses that line. Essie Cocktail Bling, pictured above, is technically grey, but 60% of the time, in the right light, it’s closer to the palest shade of blue. Incredible! I’m starting to wish that my nails were back to their short, colorless ways… How much longer can I stave off the temptation to order every single color available at Essie?

IMG_1172I actually picked up this Peter Pauper Press journal a few years ago at one of the many charming shops in Columbus’s Short North district (possibly On Paper, but I can’t remember). I was mostly drawn to the cute little cupcake on the cover, but I also wanted to get in the habit of carrying around something in which I could write down whatever inspired thoughts crossed my mind. Sadly, it still remains an empty decoration. If you have any ideas for what I should write in here, let me know. It’s too adorable to be left unused!

IMG_1175Love is precious, but let’s be honest: The only reason Valentine’s Day still exists is the CANDY! Chocolate is OK, but the surest way to my heart is straight sugar with some artificial cherry flavor. This year, after checking four different stores, I was unable to find my absolute favorite Valentine’s candy, Gobstopper Heartbreakers. (I was especially crushed because this will be my third consecutive year without them.) Fortunately, I was able to get a hold of my second favorite, SweeTarts Hearts. And the best part about Valentine’s Day? Tomorrow’s candy sales, obviously!

1926284_670850246271078_1358297508_oHope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day, which, for a good majority of my friends, means binge-watching House of Cards! The entire second season released on Netflix today, and if you’re into smart, thrilling, satirical, dark, political dramas, then this Emmy-winning show is a must-see.

4 thoughts on “Friday Fancies

  1. LOVE ESSIE. Especially the matte topcoat my super cool secret santa got me. 😉 That notebook also looks like it could be from Tiger Tree, another one of my faves. On Paper is my favorite store and I spend way too much money on cards there (my Valentine Instragram was one of their cards that I sent my boyfriend).

    I usually end up using my little notebooks as a place to write my worries so I don’t stress out over them. It’s a shockingly simple coping mechanism that a friend recommended to me. I always feel so much better after writing out my worries and am able to sleep better. Everything seems much less daunting and intense when you take the time to write it out. But it does make for a depressing little notebook, should anyone else happen upon it. Haha.

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