Friday Fancies


If I’d seen this dress at Anthropologie myself, I would’ve walked right past it without a second glance. Could anyone, besides a stick figure, actually pull off a drop waist? Well, my sister, whose experience in fashion makes her much more attune to style and such, gave me this dress for my birthday. And while I’ll admit it made me wary at first, I’ve come to love its bright color, pleated front, quilted back, and unexpectedly flattering shape. Even if you have curves, don’t dismiss a drop-waist without at least trying it on. It won’t work for everyone, but you just might be pleasantly surprised.


I don’t know much about home decor. But I do know that virtually any room can be spruced up by a good topiary. They’re just so little and precious, and they match everything. I got this large boxwood topiary and this small one for my sister, who loves them, and now I want some for my own room! These are not artificial plants, but preserved, so they only require a spritz of water once a month, and they’ll last for years. These mini topiaries are also adorable.


However you might feel about the Sperry Top-Sider brand, there’s no denying that its shoes are some of the most comfortable out there. (This might explain why I currently own six pairs… But it probably doesn’t.) Like most Sperrys, the Sophie flat is lightly cushioned and perfect for those who spend a lot of time at work on their feet. The suede, dark rhinestones, and grosgrain bow add a touch of elegance to this professional shoe. Very versatile and majorly on sale at Belk.


The fact that I don’t consider myself to be a huge chocolate fan, yet can’t get enough of these Brookside dark chocolates, says a lot about them. There’s something highly addictive about the combination of bitter chocolate and the tart fruit center. You can probably find these at your grocery store (or pick up this gigantic bag at Sam’s Club). Multiple flavors are available, but the pomegranate is my favorite. The company tries to market these little guys as healthy, but I doubt they are, especially at the rate I consume them. Still worth it!

By now, the majority of the nation has seen Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” Super Bowl commercial… But if you haven’t, pause whatever you’re doing for the next five minutes (one minute to watch the video and four to contain the tears). And if you already have, act like you could pass up the chance to watch it again!

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