Friday Fancies


If you haven’t been to J. Crew lately, you must get yourself there immediately. This pleated, pink and navy Silk Diamond Tile skirt has the ideal fit and length for a chic, sophisticated look. It’s slightly marked down online, but I practically stole it in the store. 100% silk is becoming increasingly rare, even at stores like J. Crew, let alone at such a bargain.


And the obsession with bows continues with these Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow studs. Bigger isn’t always better… But sometimes it is! These darling earrings are also available in silver and rose gold.IMG_0895

When was the last time you had Dippin’ Dots? Because I’m pretty sure I get them more often than most children, and I’m fine with that. Really, how could anyone resist these cute, tiny balls of flash-frozen goodness?

IMG_0932At the risk of sounding like a sales associate, I’m going to mention J. Crew again because the store is holding such a great sale at the moment. I’ve been eyeing this Elbow-Patch sweater for a while, and it’s now on sale, if it hasn’t sold out yet. The sweater might seem thin for the winter, but it’s 100% lambswool, so just warm enough. The leather elbow patches are a perfect finishing touch.

If you didn’t like Disney’s Frozen, you’re probably not a human being. Here’s the film’s Oscar-nominated song “Let It Go,” featuring 25 different languages. Just try watching and listening to this video without smiling.

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