Friday Fancies

This will be my third and final post (at least for now!) about Yes To Carrots. Yes To carries a wide variety of products for different needs, and the best part is the company’s commitment to keeping its products as natural as possible. I continue to use everything I blogged about here and here, and I’m still very happy with the results. Yes To is available practically everywhere, including at groceries, drug stores, and Sephora.IMG_1246Depending on the amount of sleep I got or what I ate the night before, I sometimes wake up with slightly puffy eyes. The Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel, applied first thing in the morning, so it has time to soak in while I’m getting ready, reduces swelling and any hints of dark circles. It can even be applied as a preventative measure at night, before going to bed. Be sure to wash off the gel before applying makeup or leaving the house because after a while, it forms a shiny layer that peels.

IMG_1243At this point, I haven’t been able to truly test out the full capabilities of the Yes to Carrots Intense Repair Hand Cream because my hands haven’t even had the chance to become dry! But this cream, containing organic carrots and various natural oils, certainly keeps my hands and cuticles moisturized and maintains their softness just as well as higher-end products.

IMG_1249The Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Body Wash is perfect for daily shower needs. Its many natural ingredients, such as organic cucumbers and green tea, are known to rejuvenate skin, and its scent smells fresh, not overpowering. I’ve been alternating between this and the Yes To Grapefruit Exfoliating Body Wash, and I’ve yet to experience any skin issues, despite the dry winter weather.

IMG_1248There are a ton of alleged “zip zappers” on the market, but the Yes To Tomatoes Roller Ball Spot Stick actually works. If I notice a zit starting to form, I’ll apply this at night before going to bed, and in the morning, the blemish will be almost completely gone. After a couple days’ use, all signs will have disappeared, thanks to the product’s many natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties. Just be careful to only apply this on the actual blemish, and wipe off any excess that touches the surrounding areas, as it will severely dry out normal skin.

IMG_1247Lately, I’ve been alternating between the Yes To Cucumbers Daily Gel Cleanser, the Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub, and the Yes To Tomatoes Acne Control Gel Cleanser I reviewed a few weeks ago. If you have sensitive skin, your face might not be able to handle the constant switching, but if you have normal skin, I’ve found this combination to be the best of all worlds! Each of these face washes are almost completely natural, keep skin looking soft and radiant, and smell divine.

2 thoughts on “Friday Fancies

  1. I might have to ask my mom to buy me a couple of those Yes To Tomatoes Spot Sticks in my next care package. I feel like my face has gone out of WHACK here in China! 😦 Love reading your Yes To posts, keep them coming!

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