Friday Fancies


My mom is constantly searching for natural skin products, and as soon as she discovered this sea buckthorn oil, she went out and bought bottles for me and my sisters. After I tried it myself, I knew she’d hit the jackpot. Not only is this miraculous oil extracted from an unusually interesting plant (Google it!), but just a drop or two will make your skin look much clearer and healthier. This is officially replacing my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.


I know I’m late on the whole buckle motif, but I’m going to use living in Georgia for the past year as my excuse. When I saw my friend Sally wearing this Michael Kors ring in Hilton Head, and then saw it a few weeks later at a Michael Kors store… And then saw it again at TJ Maxx when I was only looking for stationary, I knew I had to have it! So I got the gold for myself and the rose gold for my sister. I also remember adoring Bendel’s line of buckle jewelry when I saw it last year… Currently waiting for another sign to get this bangle!


Starburst Candy Corn. Enough said… Though I will say this: I’m not a huge fan of regular candy corn, but I’ve already gone through two bags of these, including the party size, and it’s not even October yet.


I love New Balance running clothes, and the Bonita skirt is no different. Light, comfortable, and breathable, I will definitely be wearing this at my marathon next month… Unless I wear the black version because I’m definitely ordering that one too, since it’s currently an absolute steal on Amazon! Every female runner needs to order it right now.


The best decision I made this summer was to subscribe to TheSkimm. In case you haven’t heard, two young entrepreneurs summarize the most important news every night and email it out every weekday morning. Such a genius idea and incredibly valuable for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on current events, but doesn’t want to waste time sifting through every single article (namely everyone). These ladies do all of the hard work for you! If you’re not already sold, read this Forbes interview, then sign up!

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