Cyber Week 2018

In case you need some ideas for holiday gifts or things you don’t need but want to buy for yourself anyway during this glorious week of ultimate capitalism, made even more convenient by technology (our future is grim, people)… Here are some fun things I’ve purchased since Black Friday:

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 11.01.09 PM.png

Love the knot detail and unusual material of this Madewell crepe wrap top. The entire site is 25% off until midnight.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.38.37 PM.png

This J.Crew ruffle-neck top would be festive for work or the theater. Over the past decade, J.Crew has practically monopolized plaid clothing, and I am here for it. Also got this tartan hair tie and stocked up on items for next summer. The entire site is 50% off (extra 60% off sale items) until midnight.


Really into the slightly retro look of this Abercrombie essential turtleneck. They’ve been killing it in the affordable sweater game for the past couple years. The entire site is currently 50% off.


These Jack Rogers Hamptons metallic sandals are 60% off, which is the lowest I’ve ever seen them. Whenever I leave the house, there is a 75% chance that I’m wearing Jacks. I’ve even been known to wear them while snow is on the ground. I recently had to throw out several pairs that were worn out, so I was thrilled to find these! Nordstrom’s sale ends tonight.


This Kate Spade long sleeve PJ set is similar to the one I snagged during their “surprise” sale (yes, they had a surprise sale at the same time as their Cyber Week sale…), which ended Friday night. Pajamas are a good investment for me because I pretty much live in them whenever I’m home for more than ten minutes. (I’ll likely buy more, as J.Crew also has cute pairs.) Kate Spade’s entire site is 30% off (40% off sale items) until tomorrow night. Great time to stock up on small gifts to give throughout the year.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.33.07 AM.png

I’ve been looking for plain, solid gold (but inexpensive) earrings for everyday wear, and these AUrate gold ball studs fit the bill. I don’t yet own any jewelry from this store, but my sister highly recommended it for good quality, simple pieces.


Glossier’s only sale each year is on Black Friday through Cyber Monday, during which their entire site is 20% off. I generally like their makeup products, so thought I’d take this opportunity to try their skincare line, starting with the Phase 1 Set. This starter kit includes their Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, and Balm Dotcom. Mostly I’m just a slave to Glossier’s marketing.


The newest edition of the Amazon Echo Dot, which is aesthetically more pleasing than previous generations and reportedly boasts a louder, better-quality sound, is currently over 50% off.


I’ve never used anything like this Revlon one-step hair dryer and styler, but at 60% off on Amazon, it’s worth a try. Anything to cut down the time it takes to get ready in the morning, so I can get even more precious minutes of sleep without rolling into work with wet hair! The Amazon deal is over, but may return later today. Or you can purchase this from Ulta.


The infamous Catan, which I played for the first time on Thanksgiving and am so glad I did, was 40% off on Amazon, but that deal has ended. However, it is currently on sale at Walmart for about the same price, along with another popular board game, Ticket to Ride.

And finally, if you aren’t using Ebates for all of your online shopping, trust me–you are missing out. It’s literally free money for doing absolutely nothing. There’s no catch! Use my link to start yourself off with $10 in cash. Most of the sites mentioned above are currently running major Ebates deals!

Happy shopping (or practicing of more self control than I have), friends!

Notes from a Scream Queen


Have you seen The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix yet? It was a pretty good show, except my roommate has been annoyed by my sleeping in the living room with the lights on and The Office playing in the background for the past two weeks… I wouldn’t say I love scary movies, but I definitely consider getting “scared” a good form of entertainment. Watching scary movies is a group activity (at least for me, since I would never EVER watch one alone, are you kidding me?!) that really brings people together. Some of my fondest college memories are of October in my sorority house, where there would be a huge group of girls watching a scary movie in the living room every single night of the month. Our collective screams were so loud that the neighbors probably thought there was an actual murder happening inside. More recent memories include staying in and watching Sinister on a laptop with some fellow travelers, and of course, my annual pre-Halloween movie marathon. In all of these situations, I am definitely that person who screams when nothing has even happened, which in turn makes everyone else jump. My friends love going to the movie theater with me… Anyway, here are five scary movies that I would like to highlight this Halloween:


It Follows is an all-around brilliant movie in any genre. It leaves you thinking even after the end, and the more you think about it, the better it becomes. A supernatural, murderous entity, passed down from person to person via sex, follows its next victim, but it can only move at the speed of a walking human. The genius of this film is not only its portrayal of certain themes, but the way it maintains the most unsettling feeling the entire time. It’s impossible to tell which era the movie is set in. The characters watch shows on a TV from the 60’s, yet use electronic devices that don’t even exist. Very bizarre. Available to stream on Netflix.


Hereditary is the most traditionally scary and scream-inducing out of all of these. It’s similar to other haunting, demonic coven movies, but this one connects those horrors with the real life scares of inherited mental illness. Still extremely terrifying, though. I can’t remember ever seeing a scary movie with such an unexpected moment as the one that occurs in this film (if you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I’m talking about). There truly is something for everyone. Also need to mention that Toni Colette is amazing at everything she does. Not yet available on Netflix, as it just released this summer.


The Witch is a slow-burning candle of a film. A religious family in 17th-century New England settles into their new farm, after being banished from their former Puritan clan. Evil seems to lurk in the surrounding woods, but only becomes evident a little at a time, allowing paranoia and doubt to take hold of the family. Typical A24, there are a lot of shots of nature to build the suspense. Don’t remember screaming during this one, but I probably did at inappropriate times. Available to stream on Netflix.


Raw is a French film (with subtitles) and is not scary per se, but definitely creepy and at times disgusting. A vegetarian tries meat for the first time during her first week of vet school, and it all goes downhill from there. It’s a coming-of-age story with social commentary and a lot of blood. The full package! If this movie is based on true events in their schools, then the French have even more intense hazing rituals than the American fraternities you read about in the news. Did not scream at all during this. Available to stream on Netflix.


Creep is a fun one. A man posts an online ad with a request to be filmed at his house for a day, and guess what? He turns out to be a real creep! But I won’t spoil how, exactly. Do yourself a favor and watch. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll scream (if you’re me). Available to stream on Netflix. And there is already a sequel that is supposed to be good.

October 2018 Playlist

Jeepers creepers! I’ve been seeing too many scary movies lately (so yes, I binge-watched the entire season of The Haunting of Hill House this past week). But nothing haunts me in quite the same way as a good ole creepy tune. With Halloween just around the corner, trick or treat your ears to some festively chilling music. Listen below or on my Spotify page.

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February 2018 Playlist

As long as you’re not experiencing a breakup at the time, I must say that breakup songs are the most fascinating to compile! Obviously the actual act of breaking up is no fun, but it was definitely a source of inspiration for a wide variety of some of the best, most expressive and even empowering music. In my attempt to create a breakup playlist (in case your Valentine’s Day didn’t go as planned…) without the standard Celine Dion and Adele hits, I found so many gems! If you need some tunes for drying your eyes or slashing a certain someone’s tires, listen below or on my Spotify page. In a parallel vein, here’s last year’s playlist “Guaranteed to Ruin the Mood”. For songs that are actually related to the holiday, check out previous February playlists here and here.

January 2018 Playlist

The following is the product of the least amount of time I’ve ever spent on a blog playlist. A friend recently asked me to recommend some music, and I pretty much just picked a handful of songs I’ve been playing frequently this month. Hopefully this won’t sound like too haphazard of a mix. Listen below or on my Spotify page. For more winter-appropriate tunes, check out previous January playlists here and here.