2019: The Year in Music

Just realized the overarching theme of music in 2019: bops. And there were so many good ones! The following are some of my most played songs of the year, minus those that were featured on the blog before. (But I had to repeat Big Thief’s “Not” because it’s probably the best song of the year.) What a perfect end to a thrilling decade of music! Listen below or on my Spotify page. For more wintery tunes, check out previous January playlists here, here, and here.

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December 2019 Playlist

It’s been a minute since I last posted a December playlist, so I’ve accumulated quite the collection of Christmas songs over the years, ready to be shared. Of all the music genres I enjoy, Christmas is one of my favorites. And discovering new, old, and very old (as in centuries-old) Christmas songs is a hobby of mine. These holiday gems that get less radio air time (if any) than our modern pop classics are significantly raising my spirits as I get through my first law school exams. Listen below or on my Spotify page. For more Christmas tunes, check out previous Christmas playlists here and here.

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November 2019 Playlist

Some songs are simply meant to be listened to while walking down a bustling street, wrapped in a down coat to shield yourself from the freezing wind. Or, in my case, while sitting in front of my apartment’s sealed fireplace, procrastinating on studying for law school exams. Listen below or on my Spotify page.

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July 2019 Playlist

Made a playlist for my beach vacation and realized it was my first true, thoughtful playlist in a long time. So here it is! Mainly inspired by recent concerts I’ve attended, but each song was chosen for its summer sound. Slightly more dance tracks than usual because that’s where I am in life. Listen below or on my Spotify page.

For more warm weather tunes, check out a previous July playlist here.

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October 2018 Playlist

Jeepers creepers! I’ve been seeing too many scary movies lately (so yes, I binge-watched the entire season of The Haunting of Hill House this past week). But nothing haunts me in quite the same way as a good ole creepy tune. With Halloween just around the corner, trick or treat your ears to some festively chilling music. Listen below or on my Spotify page.

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