2022 Gift Guide

Unfortunately, as I’ve just returned from a week-long trip, this will technically be posted after Cyber Monday. Many of the deals will likely have ended, but some will remain, and others may return after Christmas.

Though it seems like every state is currently experiencing a heat wave, if you’re in need of an inexpensive winter coat, look no further. Uniqlo’s Seamless Down Short Coat is warm, versatile, and responsibly sourced. The coat is on sale until December 4.

Once my travel schedule picked back up last year, I was bombarded with social media ads for Cadence Capsules. These customizable, leakproof, magnetic containers can be filled with any personal care product to be used while away from home, such as serums, pills, or jewelry. I never gave them a second thought, until I started noticing them in friends’ luggage and realized how handy they would be for my own travels–particularly during two long trips with only one carry-on suitcase. Even a 3-oz “travel-size” moisturizer felt like a giant waste of space! These are the type of gift that one would never buy for themselves (they are quite pricey), but would actually find very useful (and aesthetically pleasing). Cadence is offering 20% off all orders, and 30% off orders of $200 or more.

I’ve been obsessed with Catbird’s adorable Pearl Ice Cream Charm ever since it dropped this summer. While it’s marketed as a summer piece, the unofficial queen of ice cream (me) can confirm this pearl and 100% recycled 14k solid gold trinket is perfect for any season. Catbird is offering 20% off “almost everything”, including this charm.

After a friend brought several bottles of Kinfield Golden Hour mosquito repellent to a weekend in the woods, everyone present immediately went online to order our own. An all natural bug spray that actually deters mosquitos and still smells nice? Some said it couldn’t be done, but after testing it myself, I swear it really works! Perfect for the outdoorsy type or even just the outdoor dining type. Kinfield is offering 20% off orders of $100 or more, and 25% off orders of $150 or more.

For the adventurous eater or the sweet tooth looking for a healthier alternative to all the holiday treats in store next month, I recommend the Taste the Tropics Fruit Box from Tropical Fruit Box. This gourmet package includes so many interesting, delicious, colorful items to try, such as cacao, pink pineapple, and dragonfruit. A twist on the classic Harry & David basket. I’m fortunate to have lived in the tropics, where fruit truly is more flavorful. While U.S. groceries are well stocked with a variety of different fruits during any season, they often struggle to provide the best quality and almost never carry the more “exotic” options. For most Americans, tasting these tropical fruits will feel like a luxurious experience. Tropical Fruit Box is offering 10% off sitewide.

I recently asked my mom, who has stuck to a strict skincare regimen since before I was born, if more expensive skincare lines were actually more effective. From her experience trying the entire range of beauty products from La Mer to Whole Foods (admittedly, she hasn’t dabbled much in drugstore brands… not her style!), Mom believes $100 skincare products work better than $30 versions. However, once you pass that $100 mark, skincare products are pretty much the same, regardless of the price. With that said, Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum is mom-approved for creating or maintaining a bright, youthful appearance. Sulwhasoo is offering 25% off everything.

Subscriptions are literally the gifts that keep on giving. And Black Friday usually gives the best opportunity to try out new products and subscriptions before committing. For example, a few years ago I took advantage of a Black Friday sale to order and try Explorer Cold Brew for the first time, and I ended up gifting it to everyone for the next year! While I wasn’t a huge coffee drinker back then, I am now. You might even call me a coffee connoisseur! The one subscription I’ve been dying to try is Cometeer. They must have an aggressive social media campaign because I see their ads ALL the time. But I was weary of finding out whether or not the product lived up to the hype because the packages are more expensive than other coffee subscriptions. Enter Black Friday. I ordered the Mixed Roast Box of Cometeer’s best beans, precision-brewed and flash-frozen, before shipping out in individual pods on dry ice. Cometeer is offering $60 across the first four boxes ($25 off the first box).

Last year, while I was “homeless” in New York, I was lucky to stay at my friends’ FiDi apartment. They had this Setago Portable Table Lamp from the MoMA Design Store and I absolutely could not stop playing with it. I mean look at it! Simultaneously sleek and cute as can be. Not to mention rechargeable and dimmable. I wanted to put a leash on it and take it for a walk… and then out for drinks. MoMA Design Store is offering 20% off sitewide.

I feel guilty about posting a lip moisturizer that isn’t Fresh Sugar, but lately I’ve mostly been using Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask as an everyday (and sometimes overnight, which is how you’re supposed to use it) lip balm. It works really well and requires zero maintenance because the color is temporary and almost nonexistent. I’ve always enjoyed the original Berry scent, but recently ordered the Gummy Bear (actually smells like candy!), which I first tried at the above friend’s apartment. (If I’m staying at your house while you’re away, I will be looking around, in case that wasn’t clear.) Laneige is offering 25% off sitewide and free gifts with purchase.

I was in a wedding this summer, where the bride gave each bridesmaid a GLDN Flora Necklace featuring her favorite flower. They worked well for walking down the aisle of a floral-themed wedding and for wearing with an everyday outfit. I love the dainty chain and the fact that the 14k gold fill won’t set off my skin allergy. GLDN is offering 15% off sitewide.

For an inexpensive gift that is sure to punch above its weight, consider a Shutterfly tote bag, or any number of personalized gifts on Shutterfly’s website. (A puzzle or deck of playing cards would be fun AND functional!) Photos can carry so much meaning, yet these days they often remain in our phones. Share your appreciation for a family member or friend by giving a gift representing someone or something they truly love more than anything material. Shutterfly is offering up to 50% off everything, plus an extra 25% off with a code.

I knew big fans of the Theragun existed, but I didn’t believe the hype until I tried my friends’ device during a four-night camping festival. Dancing to bass music really takes a toll on the body. (I left the fest with a sprained elbow, runner’s toe, and the wook flu.) To my surprise, the Theragun actually relieved some of the soreness, particularly in my legs, which were tired from standing all day, and my back, which is frequently agitated by scoliosis. When I got home, I ordered the Theragun Mini, and it’s been a lifesaver after Orange Theory workouts. The Mini’s motor moves slower than the other models, but I haven’t noticed a difference in terms of efficacy. I appreciate that the Mini is more compact and portable, but if you are less flexible and might have trouble reaching certain parts of your back, you may want to consider the Prime. Therabody is offering up to $200 off Theragun devices ($50 off the Mini).

For the chef in your life, Food 52’s Gingham Linen Double Oven Mitt would be a splendid gift. I’m not exactly an expert in the kitchen, but this double oven mitt, which is meant to protect one’s wrists while removing a hot pan from the oven, seems fairly unique. The design and print are so charming, I might take up cooking for real. Food52 is offering 20% off sitewide.

For the New Yorker (or traveler) in your life, this Kate Spade MetroCard iPhone case is brilliant. At once chic and hilarious. Who knew a phone case could bring up so many memories of the C train? I’ll also be ordering this I Love NY AirPods Pro case to match. Kate Spade is offering up to 60% off everything (30% off this phone case).

At the risk of making this blog post dull, I’m going to recommend the Delsey Chatelet Air 2.0 carry-on suitcase because I adore mine so much that I’m about to order the checked-luggage version. It’s so light for how durable it is. I mean it truly glides across airport floors. All my suitcases take a beating from my never-ending travel schedule and penchant for overpacking, but where other suitcases have fallen, my Delsey suitcase has withstood the test of time. Delsey is offering up to 60% off (30% off the Chatelet Air 2.0).

Black Friday is one of the best times to stock up on greeting cards for the next year. Whatever the reason for sending, a card is always a good idea. This Rifle Paper Co. Mixed Florals Essentials Card Box is gorgeous and contains lovely floral cards for nearly every occasion (or non-occasion!). Don’t forget a fun stamp. Rifle Paper Co. is offering 30% off everything.

Last year, I got the RENPHO Eye Massager as Christmas gifts for my family, and they are still using them, which is probably the best advertisement. I’d first heard about it from a friend who I’m pretty sure found it via TikTok, but the heat and compression with music actually does feel relaxing. Apparently it helps with eye strain, dark circles, dry eyes, eye aging, and improving sleep. It is currently on sale via Amazon. (I was honestly trying not to add any Amazon products to this list, but figured some of you would want to know about this!)

The Tony Moly Peach Hand Cream would make a delightful stocking stuffer. Name a better conversation starter than whipping this out of your purse? Hot tip: once the hand cream runs out, simply refill the container with another lotion, so you can continue carrying around a nearly life-sized peach! Tony Moly is offering 25% off sitewide.

While spending nearly two months of the past year in Europe, I learned that every European is wearing Veja sneakers. They rarely seem to go on sale, so I may need to take advantage and order this pair of Campo shoes, instead of my annual new pair of Stan Smiths. This pink version is on sale at Shopbop, which is also offering 25% off sitewide.

Monikers is my #1 favorite party game. Whenever I find myself in a group of six people or more, I force everyone to play it. This game consists of using the same “bowl” of words to play a round of Catchphrase, a round of charades, and a round of describing each word with a single other word. If you’ve ever played salad bowl or fish bowl, Monikers is the same game, except the words are already printed on the cards. Excellent for holiday get-togethers. Monikers can be found at Barnes & Noble, which is offering 15% off all orders.


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