In Good Hands

Corona’s got everyone washing their hands much more than usual, which is a good thing! But if you’re struggling with super dry skin as a result, here are my recommendations for the best hand creams, HANDS DOWN:


The Yu-Be Moisturizing Body Lotion has been my go-to for years. It absorbs quickly and smells medicinal for about five minutes, which in my mind means it’s legit. There are other forms of Yu-Be that I haven’t tried, but I assume all of them work well.


Cult classic Weleda Skin Food has recently gained popularity in the U.S., but it’s been a favorite in Europe for a while. This one’s amazing for dry skin, but I would classify it as a night cream. Super thick like cream cheese, so it takes a while to rub in. It also leaves the skin greasy, so I wouldn’t apply it right before leaving the house. I used to use it as a daily moisturizer on my face, since it’s cheap and hydrating. Smells somewhat herbal.


L’Occitane Hand Cream is probably the most ubiquitous of the semi-luxurious brands. They claim that one tube is sold every three seconds around the world. Can’t go wrong with 20% shea butter and a nice, light scent.


In my opinion, Eucerine Intensive Repair Lotion is the best drugstore brand. It heals a bunch of different skin issues, including very dry skin. I feel like pharmacists always recommend this. Used to keep a travel-size at my desk. Fragrance-free.


The shape of this Chanel La Crème Main bottle is so cute. Would expect nothing less from the brand.


This eos Intensive Hand Lotion is the more affordable version of the Chanel egg. Though it might be discontinued in drugstores…


Once went through a phase where I only bought Yes To products, and I still use Yes To Coconut Hand & Cuticle Cream. Contains coconut oil, so it’s rich in nutrients and smells delightful.


Randomly bought this Charleston Tea Plantation Glycerine Hand Therapy at their gift shop because the idea of a hand cream with tea leaves in it seemed unusual to me. But it actually works well as an overnight treatment, and I really like the scent.


Imagine pulling this TONYMOLY Banana Hand Milk out of your purse!


If you have an emergency situation on your hands (hehe!), I would double down with a “mask” therapy, such as these Aliver Hand Repair collagen-infused gloves. Wear them for 20 minutes and prepare to be amazed.

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